Former US Senator Bill Bradley

  • As an accomplished financial executive, who has also served in a senior political position, Lorna has excelled in her career with increasing levels of management responsibilities for domestic and international markets. Ms. Aaron possesses the core competencies, experiences, optimistic energy and attention to detail that make her a motivating and effective leader.  She is very analytical and innovative with exceptional communication skills that allow her to facilitate and execute comprehensive strategies. Ms. Aaron is results oriented and possess a high degree of integrity and people skills. Her financial shrewdness has been demonstrated in her extensive finance experience. She has a comfort in supporting and adding value reporting to corporate CEO’s and Presidents as well as to Congresspersons and Senators that is very impressive


Dr. Terrence Smith, Deputy Governor – Central Bank of Guyana

  • I can personally attest to Ms. Aaron leadership, professionalism, financial markets and payment systems knowledge. Ms. Aaron presented several solutions to challenges being faced by the Central Bank and presented solutions related to the country’s Capital Markets, including the development of financial instruments, workforce development, local content management and advisory matters related to financial markets development.


Former Governor of New Jersey, Jim Florio

  • I was always struck by what an intelligent banker she was. She presented financial proposals to assist the state in generating revenue and providing financial and bonding services to many state agencies. Lorna went on to have an impressive career at Amico PepsiCo and Mars before doing consulting work. 


Mr. Michael Johnson, Senior HR Executive – Amoco Oil Corp. 

  • Lorna was immediately offered the position of Assistant Treasurer reporting to the Treasurer of Amoco. She worked on many corporate and business unit global projects. Lorna quickly became one of the rising stars of the group and outperformed many of her mandated performance measures. She was selected to attend the Harvard negotiations certificate program. Lorna worked on several domestic and international projects alongside the global business groups in the lead finance and project roles, and was consistently rated at the high levels of Amoco work performance bands. Lorna did an impressive job of leveraging her Wall Street experience to generate innovative solutions. Senior management across the businesses often commented about having a corporate ally in achieving business goals, due to her collaborative style.